HSC 2022 English 2nd Paper Assignment Answer – 3rd week

HSC 2022 English 2nd Paper Assignment – 3rd week

Write an Essay on Difference Between “Online Class And in Campus Class”

HSC 2022 English 2nd Paper Assignment Answer – 3rd week

Difference Between Online Class And in Campus Class

Education is the process by which our mind develops through formal learning at an institution like a school, college, or university. Today we can achieve this education through two ways, one is an online base and another is an on-campus base. Today online education, also known as distance learning, has risen in popularity over the last two decades. In fact, the number of students taking at least 1 online college course help has increased each consecutive year since 2002- And greater than higher education enrollment overall. Before covid-19 pandemic in Campus class in the education setting that most people used to. Both of them have some pros and cons. Below is the difference between online class and campus class:

1. Difference in the mode of study

In online education, also known as distance learning, the learning process takes place through the internet and students are able to attend learning sessions from the comfort of their homes anytime of the day. On the other hand, in on-campus education students are required to attend regular classes in the university or college.

2. Varying access to learning resources

Although the diploma that you get in both online education and on-campus education is the same, types of learning resources available is very different in both platforms. In on-campus education, inadequacy of learning resources is the biggest challenge because students have to share limited resources. On the other hand, access to learning materials is not a problem in online education because each student has access to learning materials in the form of soft copies.

3. Different methods of interaction

In on-campus education, students and teachers are able to interact physically and have face-to-face discussions among themselves and with their teachers. On the other hand, physical interaction is not possible in online education. Here students and teachers interact through emails, VoIP and chat rooms.

4. Flexibility

Online education is very flexible, easy to schedule and therefore suitable for working students or those with other commitments. On the other hand, on-campus education is less flexible, difficult to schedule and therefore suitable for full-time students with no other commitments.

5. Affordability

In many learning institutions, online education is cheaper than on-campus education. This is because in online education students are not required to pay for other facilities such as accommodation, gyms and libraries among others. In on-campus education, you have to pay for these facilities, whether you will use them or not.

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